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Extract SWF files from Flash Executables

Lost your SWF file but still have a projector (EXE) version kicking around? Use exe2swf to recover your original SWF so you can get at the assets it contains instead of trying to recreate your project completely from scratch.


You can pass the EXE name as a command line parameter to exe2swf or you can simple launch the application and use the Windows File Open dialog to locate the EXE you want to convert. If an SWF file can’t be found in the EXE you provide, exe2swf will tell you. If an SWF file is found it will be extracted to the same directory where the EXE file is located.


No installer is required, exe2swf is completely standalone and was designed to run on all current versions of the Windows desktop operating systems and works with all versions of Flash from 4 right up to Flash CS4 (10).
Version: 5.0
Released: November 27, 2008

File Size: 48 kb


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