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How to Create Elements Transparency with Opacity in CSS3

CSS3 Opacity Property allows us to make the transparency of an object or element. Use of this property will be helpful to give the impression more beautiful on the menu, pictures or other elements.

Opacity property takes values between 0.0 (equivalent to 100 transparency%) and 1.0 (no transparency). Suppose we make a transparency of 60%, then can use the following code:

opacity: 0.6;

Opacity does not get support from the Internet Explrer, so it will not happen anything if the site in the open with Internet Explorer browser. Codes that have similar functions to the opacity that has been implemented by microsoft is “alpha filter.”

Property values for alpha filter is 0 (for perfect transparency) and 100 (no transparency). For example if you want to create transparency antum 60% diCSS order to look good in IE is as follows:

filter: alpha(opacity=60); /*for Internet Explorer 6/7*/
filter: “alpha(opacity=60)”; /*for Internet Explorer 8*/

Well, immediately wrote to the crime scene for example the creation or implementation of this opacity code:

Hopefully useful.

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